Restore hair growth in Australia: Propecia is a proven medication


This drug caused noisy response in the markets of Western Europe and United States. To date, finasteride is the second most popular medicine in the list of pills sold in the western pharmaceutical market. In Australia, Propecia is becoming increasingly popular, being heavily advertised.

Doctors identify a number of cases of hair loss. Though, so-called androgenic alopecia is the most common. Studies found: male sex hormones play a key role in development of androgenetic alopecia in both men and women.

Special attention was awarded to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and 5-alpha-reductase enzyme involved in its metabolism. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is one of male hormones to play an important role in male body development. With age, it leads to hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) gradually “squeezes” hair follicles. Over time, they become unable to reproduce visible hairs.

Since 5-alpha-reductase enzyme is crucial in the course of formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), scientists paid attention to 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, which is finasteride.

Seek to buy Propecia? Clinical studies confirm its high efficacy. According to the obtained results, a little less than 90% of the subjects reported reduced hair loss. A year after treatment, half of the patients faced restored hair growth. 18 months after treatment, the percentage of men whose hair gained “second life” increased to 66%.

Finasteride provides great results in restoring hair follicles on crown, as well as eliminating bald patches on forehead. It is a perfect tool to cope with a so-called male type of baldness.

Before the advent of cheap Propecia, the mentioned areas were considered least treatable, since containing hair follicles sensitive to the effects of male sex hormone. A new drug returns hair with proven efficacy.

Why Propecia no prescription should be taken for a long time? Production of DHT hormone is blocked immediately after the onset of treatment. Though, damaged hair follicles need time to restore normal operation. Even a healthy hair grows very slowly (around 1 cm per month). To replace thin hairs and get visible improvement, therapy is to last for several months.

Order Propecia, and then take it daily, in a course of three months or longer. Untimely termination of therapy may often be accompanied by a relapse. So, it is better to prepare for a prolonged and successful treatment.

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